LED X RAY Viewer

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Professional LED Medical Film Viewer

Excellent Material

  • Latest Technology
  • iFAS (Sensor- on/Screen- on) Function
  • Close Timer Function
  • Long-life, Advanced Symmetrical Design, and Energy-saving
  • Smart Film-clamping Set
  • User-friendly

Excellent Material: Both screen and light route are made of Acryl produced hy well-known Japanese brand, which has best light transmittance and also ensure long lite span without distortion or color change.Latest Technology: It boasts I I I) edge-lite and uhrn-sliui design with thickness only 22mm (or even up to 20mm). which is convenient for installation, and space-sax ing with compact design iFAS Function: Smart I ilm Activation Switch, also known as Sensor-on or Screen-on function. The viewer will turn on once film inserted, and will turn off automatically when the film taken away within 5 to 8 seconds or it will just turn off after the removal of film(ophonal). ( lose 1 Imcr Function: It will shut off automatically as a protection when left “on ” for more than I hour, and will turn on when inserting the film again or system re-start. I ong-life, Ads a need Sy mmetrical Design, and Energy-saving: Li l) lamp can be used for more than 200.000 hours (Which is 80-100 times longer than conventional fluorescent lamp). And it has equidistant lamp house design, which enables symmetrical light and guarantee very high brightness uniformity. It is second-to-nonc environmental and energy-saving solution. (Our product only 1/5 power consumption compared with convention film viewer). Smart Film-clamping Set: Il features self-locking roll pin with our patent design, rust free, durable and user friendly. I ger-friendly: LED lamp gives instant light without twinkle, and has wide range of brightness adjustment (300^6500cd m2). 1 he ergonomic designs guarantee the users never feel eye fatigue even after long time watching.

EV series Professional Medical Film Viewer parameters and specifications
Specification Single-section Double-section Tri-scction Quad-section
r —-
Type 360MTIH/HT) 750MT(H/HT) llOOMTDI HT) 1500MTIH HT)
537X495X23 885X495X23 1240X495X23 1590X495X23
Visible Size
370X422 751X422 1072X422 1432X422
Light Source LED LED LED LED
Light color temp 10000* K 10000° K 10000 K 10000
Uniformity 95% 95% 95% 95%
Power Consumption 20W 40W 60W 80W
Net Weight 3.5Kg 5Kg 7Kg 9 Kg
Brightness H:35OOcd/m* HT:300~6500cd/m’ MT:300 -6500cd m‘


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