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Unique EffectS

  • Relax tight muscles, pinched nerves, neck pain, tension headaches.
  • Treatment for osteoarthritis, swollen discs, straightening of the neck and degenerative discs or joints.
  • Helps to treat neck type, nerve root type, and vertebral artery type cervical spondylosis.
  • The thoracic extension overlap the manubrium sternum anteriorly and to the thoracic vertebraT-1 Posteriorly.
  • Easy to be removed and applied.

About cervical spondylosis

Neck Traction Device is a brand new neck device which is made up of light­ weight materials and covered with soft textile at the top and bottom, remain­
ing portable and convenient for users. Neck traction device allows the tight
neck muscles to relax and relieve the pressure in the joints and nerves. With
its innovative height adjustment technology, the right size is always at hand. Neck traction device is fully adjustable to fit a wide variety of patient anato­ mies .
Easy adjustments can be made for a correct and comfortable fit for every patient. Simply place Neck traction device around your neck to bring relief on
the spot. It can be taken anywhere and no assembly or batteries are required to operate the unit. The simplicity of the design makes it the ideal tool for home or office use. No longer have to wait until you get home to seek relief, or lie on the floor to use another product. Therapists have overwhelmingly selected Neck traction device over any other device on the market.


  • Neck type, nerve root type,and vertebral artery type cervical spondylo­ sis, Neck and back myofascitis.
  • Help to immobilize neck according to physician’ s suggestions after cervical surgery.
  • Cervical disc herniation.
  • 4.It can be the substitute for plaster, splint to immobilize neck and head.


Your physician has determined that wearing Neck traction device will help
your recovery . The Neck traction device is a two piece cervical collar that is designed to keep the upper portion of your spine from moving too much .
Not being able to shake your head “yes’ or “No’ may seem unusual ,but limiting these types of motions are an important part of your treatment.

If you are applying by yourself, stand in front of a mirror and try to keep your head and neck straight as possible. If you have a helper, he or she can put
Neck traction device on while you concentrate on keeping your head and neck straight. If you have long hair, it should remain outside of the Neck traction device. If you wear earrings, they should be removed before applying Neck traction device.

How to wear

  1. Position the front panel directly under the chin .
  2. Push the sides of the front panel up over the shoulder muscles and around the neck.
  3. Turn the screw of the back panel clock­ wise or anticlockwise to tighten or loosen the device to a proper size, then hook it to make it fixed .
  4. Turn the screw of the two sides forward or backward to make it up or down until you feel it is the proper height for you . The height is up to individuals ,


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