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Chewy Tubes help you teach chewing, biting and normalization of oral habits, essential oral motor skills needed in an OPT program. The Yellow, extra-large-stemmed, T-shaped Chewy Tube can be offered as an alternative to clients who tend toward excessive mouthing or biting, as its stem is nearly twice the diameter of the Yellow version.
Yellow, smooth, extra-large-stemmed, T-shaped, tubular
Teaches chewing and biting skills
Can be used for eliminating teeth grinding and mouthing inappropriate items
Reusable, durable and easy to clean
Non-toxic, FDA compliant, free of latex, lead, PVC and phthalates
The Yellow Chewy Tube is used with a smaller jaw, typically an
infant 9–10 months old. It can also be used with an individual
who cannot open the jaw very wide, so they for such age child. The Yellow Chewy Tube
features a narrow stem 9.5mm OD.

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