Elliptical Trainer Hydro Fitness

  • Elliptical Trainer Hydro Fitness

    Sold By: Aair Medicals

    The ergonomic design of Apollo Elliptical cross training machine provide a more natural stepping motion that allows you to workout longer without any noise. It is also a fun exercise machine because the movement is different from other types of training like running or walking. This Elliptical Bike have for those people who want an at-home workout solution but have limited space. This Exercise bike is very effective for burning extra fat and cardiovascular exercise. It is also convenient to burn calories and keep fit. It’s a portable elliptical machine.

    Resistance: C8i elliptical machine provide 8 levels of resistivity you can adjust according to your requirement each level provide different resistivity.
    Magnetic Tension:Elliptical machine provide magnetic tension which is you can increase and decrease according to your requirement this tension produces by electromagnetic force.
    Flywheel: The fly wheel of 3kg installed in C8i elliptical machine which means it provide smooth paddling. The heavier the fly wheel can make your paddling smoother.
    LCD: LCD displays your time, speed, distance, calories and pulse so that your workouts are easily tracked for the best result.
    Pulse Rate:This elliptical machine also tell us pulse rate during working out and also tell about the burnt calories.
    Weight Capacity: The maximum weighting capacity provide by the machine is 110kg.
    Gripper handles: Its gripper handles are covered by the PVC plastic which provide non-slipping handling while working out.
    Pedals grip: Elliptical cross machine provide you a non-slip pedal because it has semi-circle texture on it.
    Portable: Machine can easily transported form one corner to the other because it provide 2 transportation wheels.
    Dimension: The weight of the elliptical machine is 40kg. Dimension of a Box is 111x37x56cm and after assembling its dimension will be 129x62x155cm


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