Fire Blanket 1m x 1m

  • Fire Blanket 1m x 1m

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    Fire blankets are an important fire safety measure for properties. A fire blanket is made of fire-resistant materials. They are particularly useful for smothering fat pan fires or wrapping around a person whose clothing is on fire Fire blankets are only suitable when the fire is small, or Class F fires. These are especially helpful for Class F fires. These fires are typically caused by cooking fat oils. These types of fires should not be doused with water and you should use a fire blanket to put it out. In the case of a fire and where safe, get as close to the fire as possible to place the fire blanket over the top of fire. The fire blanket will be marked to show whether it should be thrown away after use or used again after cleaning, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The fire blanket can also be used on clothes. Should someone’s clothing catch fire a fire blanket can safely douse it. It provides a great solution to this situation. A fire blanket is strong enough to carry someone either by putting them on it and dragging them out of the door. This method should be used to transport someone when needed

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