• Massage Gun with 12 Massage Heads – Thera Gun Fascial Deep Muscle Fitness

    Sold By: Aair Medicals

    Thera Gun Fascial Gun Massage Gun with 12 heads available in Pakistan at
    Muscle massager for pain relief.

    Ideal for male and female athletes, bodybuilders.

    It can reach many of your pain points yourself.

    For wholesale inquiries please contact us, we can provide best wholesale price in Pakistan with price guaranteed and great customer service and after sale services.

    Small, compact device that combines each machine into a handheld system. Change your roller once, rub Shiatsu chair, massage pad and compression massager. The ergonomic handle, power push button and articulating head is designed so you can reach many of your pain points yourself. 12 interchangeable massage heads of our back massager gun offer you a full body massage, while the 9 adjustable speed levels allow you to adjust the intensity of your massage. The LED screen of our muscle massager gun keeps track of the speed and the battery percentage. When the battery is below 20%, the green line around the power symbol turns red, notifying you to put the massage gun on a charge.


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