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We regard inter vertebral disc as a buffer zone to the pressure above the waist. It’s the key for human’s walking and jumping, like a shock elimina­tor to a car. We all know, the risk for damage and fracture of annulus fibrosis fibrocartilaginis interventionists will be fast increased with age.
The reason is long time pressure and bodily function degeneration. The end result is, herniated nucleus populous be extruded and touch the nervi vertebral is, you get lower back pain, leg pain etc. It is called hernia of inter vertebral discs in clinical medicine.

The principle of this back support belt is, make physiological curvature to right position, reduce stress of the upper part of the body from daily life, to relieve pain caused by hernia of inter vertebral discs.


Wear 120 minutes then take off with a rest 30 to 60 minutes for one cycle.
If there is any discomfort during using, stop immediately and consult doctor.

Remove the hard objects from the waist before wearing, such as key ring, leather belt etc. It avoids hard objects squeezing the skin, and avoids abrasion of the product.
Wear underwear when using the product.
Do not immersion cleaning. Clean it with damp cloth, and dry it in a cool and ventilated place. Do not expose the product in sunlight

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